Create Massive Profit With This Lucrative Small Business Opportunity

Create Massive Profit With This Lucrative Small Business Opportunity

Let me just tell you right now. You can find a lucrative small business opportunity nearly everywhere for explosive profits. You just have to know where to look. Look in other businesses. Businesses that aren’t your competition, but are focusing on the same type of customers.
You could be just starting a new business with no idea about marketing or a long time business owner wanting to increase profits. Working with other businesses is the number one quickest and easiest way to generate an increase in revenue with nearly zero upfront costs. Here’s why:

They already have a database of customers that you haven’t collected yourself. That’s gold in itself.

You build quick referrals from another professional. Getting recommended to customers that trust those they are talking with is the easiest way to generate a customer for life to your business as well.

You’re helping provide more value to the other business as well. You have something they can’t offer, but they wish they could. Now, they can send those customers asking for that service to you.

If you want, you can set up an affiliate program between both companies and you both share in the profits. No one is going to say no to more money without having to do the work.

There are many other reasons why building alliances is the number one most lucrative small business opportunity available. I think you get the point by now though.
It’s funny because most businesses aren’t using these free resources. They focus their time on radio commercials or direct mail campaigns that aren’t giving any return. Go out right now and make a list of all the businesses that work with the same type or similar customer that your business does. Make a conscious effort to be their friend. Offer them something they can’t refuse. It’s that simple.
Let me show you 3 examples I’ve used in my business consultant career to boost client profits:

General Building Contractor – The contractor approached apartment building owners that were having an easy time filling their apartments. He proposed that the apartment owners go to their tenants and let them know they could make arrangements with a builder that could put them in their very own house for the cost of little more than their monthly rent. In return, the apartment owners got a percentage of profits to the builder and the builder paid for advertising costs to fill the newly vacant apartments. That contractor made over 1 million dollars the first 60 days.

Trucking Company – Found import brokers that would use the trucking company to freight for customers that were looking for the full transportation package. You could offer percentage on top of this, but usually is not the case since import brokers are just paper pushers and want it out of their hands.

Dentist – Created a catalog for discounted services with any business that was featured in the catalog‚Ķchiropractors, veterinarians, etc. Sent the catalog to dentist’s database with laminated “member’s card”. Anytime member’s card was used, the dentist would receive a percentage of service. Huge profits from this alone plus the amount of referrals coming from featured businesses was very lucrative.

There are endless possibilities with this small business opportunity. Use related businesses to your advantage and you could see monstrous results.

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