Fruit Machine Casino Games

Most people have played the fruit machines off line, but now they are available online too and can be found in the casinos with the slot games. In spite of their historic popularity off line, many new players avoid them online. This can be for a number of reason:

Players find that fruit machines are a little more complicated than basic slots because they have a number of extra features.
As with any game, familiarity, comfort and enjoyment only come with experience and so new players avoid them because they do not immediately understand them.
There are not very many fruit machines at online casinos and new ones are rarely added to them.
There are so many other, simpler slots to choose from at a casino that players often avoid the fruit machines.

The key here is to use the option to play for free until you get the hang of them. Once you do understand fruit machines properly, you could experience rich rewards. So let’s take a look at some of their special features.
Look out for the feature called Nudge; you will find it just below the reels. If you click on Nudge below a specific reel, then that reel will move down one position. When considering the symbols which are being displayed you could cunningly click on the appropriate Nudge button to create a winning row. In some casinos you will be allowed to nudge more than one button during a spin which obviously makes the possibility of winning even greater.

Hold is another interesting and important feature. Just like Nudge it appears randomly underneath the reels. Hold allows you to fix one or even two of the reels while the others take another spin. Once again this gives you, the player a much greater chance of getting a winning row.

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An important part of the fruit machine is the Cash Ladder. The lowest step of this ladder is highlighted when you win. Now if you want to climb up this cash ladder you must choose to play the Hi Lo game. Let me explain. You see, with every spin a number is revealed. The Hi Lo game demands that you have to guess whether the next number shown will be higher or lower than the one already there. If you’re right, you move a step up the ladder; if you’re wrong then you lose your bet. Now this game gives you three options…

You can carry on playing until you lose, or
Keep playing until you get to the top of the ladder and win the jackpot.
You can stop at any stage on the ladder, collect your winnings and start a new game. Alternatively you can swop your winnings for the special game that is featured on your rung of the ladder. There can be a number of games on the ladder which keep to a similar theme.

Now let’s get onto the Feature Board which is the highlight of the fruit machine. The feature board may remind you of the Monopoly board as it has squares around the perimeter and it is triggered when certain symbols appear on the reels. Pressing he start button displays a number and you can move this number of squares around the board. Now each square has a feature which allows you to do one of the following things:-

Move the player up the Cash Ladder by a certain number of rungs.
Add to or multiply however much the player has in the Cash Pot.
Activate one of the special feature games and then allow you to move back to normal spins.
Terminate your play on the Feature Board.

Fruit machines have so many features, options and additions that it makes them far more interesting than the normal slots and enables you to play longer without feeling bored.

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